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Hot weather brings snakes into suburbs

Meet Cody, a very lucky and a little sad five-year-old Labrador who survived an Eastern brown snake bite. Immediate action by his pet parents, antivenom and three-days hospital care saw Cody fully recover at home and get back to normal life. Australia is home to many venomous snakes, and with the weather warming up these … Continue reading Hot weather brings snakes into suburbs

Do you have a bushfire survival plan for you and your pets?

Our hearts go out to the families and individuals who have been affected by the bushfires in NSW and Queensland. With summer finally here, the hot weather can bring many unpredictable circumstances, and if your home is located near bush, grassland or coastal areas, it is imperative you have a Bushfire Survival Plan that includes your pets. The safest option … Continue reading Do you have a bushfire survival plan for you and your pets?

Pet care tips during hot weather

We know it’s summertime and all you want to do is have fun and play in the sun, but please spare a thought for your pet friends, as heat stress can be fatal. The best way to deal with heat stroke is to prevent it. Keeping your pets  cool and comfortable on a hot day … Continue reading Pet care tips during hot weather

Lumps and bumps on your pets should not be ignored

Lumps and bumps are a very common occurrence in pets both young and old, but especially in our ageing animals. It’s a serious matter, because one third of all tumours found in our pets are found on the skin. A simple, regular check of your pet’s body once a week may save his/her life. A tip is to … Continue reading Lumps and bumps on your pets should not be ignored

Team member spotlight, Sharnie

Sharnie – Practice Manager I have been lucky enough to work in the animal industry for a little over 12 years and have been veterinary nursing for 10 years throughout different clinics. I joined the team here in April 2019 as the practice manager after moving from Melbourne. During my time nursing, I have gained … Continue reading Team member spotlight, Sharnie

Dusty – sultana/grape toxicity

Dusty is a gorgeous, energetic, but mischievous five-month-old Kelpie puppy. Dusty is like most puppies her age, constantly exploring her environment and getting into things she shouldn’t. Unfortunately, this time Dusty decided to raid the pantry and managed to eat around 200-300g of sultanas. Although sultanas are a healthy snack for humans, did you know … Continue reading Dusty – sultana/grape toxicity

Congratulations Dr Ashlee

We Just wanted to congratulate Dr Ashlee for recently achieving and obtaining her membership in Small Animal Medicine from The Australian and New Zealand College of Veterinary Scientists. Dr Ashlee underwent 18 months of intense study and was required to sit two written exams and an oral exam in front of a panel of examiners. … Continue reading Congratulations Dr Ashlee

Tick season is upon us!

IXODES holocyclus, or the paralysis tick, is found along the East Coast of Australia. With the onset of the warmer weather, we are starting to see tick paralysis cases early this year. Their natural hosts are Australian mammals, such as bandicoots, possums and wombats, which are immune to their toxin. Unfortunately, domestic pets are not. … Continue reading Tick season is upon us!