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VetLove VIP Membership

Our VetLove VIP Club membership includes all the preventative Veterinary Care Services that we believe are essential for maintaining your pet’s health and well-being. Why not treat your pet to a whole year of preventative health! With huge savings for you and peace of mind you can visit all year for FREE! The VetLove VIP … Continue reading VetLove VIP Membership

MOSQUITOS: It’s Time To Buzz Off And Prevent Heartworm

During summertime there is nothing better than getting out & enjoying the great outdoors with your loyal four-legged friend. Unfortunately, the hot, humid months also bring out pesky mosquitoes. These irritating little critters can be just as annoying to your family pet as they are to you. These tiny insects not only feed on humans, … Continue reading MOSQUITOS: It’s Time To Buzz Off And Prevent Heartworm

Is Your Pets Weight A Growing Concern?

We all know that Christmas is a time for indulging and we are all guilty of spoiling our pets with our leftover’s and an excess of treats throughout the festive season. If you think your pet may have a weight problem, (this includes being underweight) then why not start off the New Year with some … Continue reading Is Your Pets Weight A Growing Concern?

Vet Nurse Of The Year 2020

Vet Nurse Day (Friday 9th October). This day provides an opportunity to show the value and professionalism of our nurses.  One day a year we get to celebrate and acknowledge the importance of the role that our nurses perform every day to our community. Veterinary nurses are highly skilled, have ever increasing responsibilities and play a such … Continue reading Vet Nurse Of The Year 2020

Book Your Heartworm Test Today

At Vetlove, we recommend all dogs in their local area that have not been on any regular heartworm prevention be tested for heartworm. If your dog has not been on regular prevention, has missed a few months or you are unsure, it is best to have your dog tested before starting or recommencing any heartworm … Continue reading Book Your Heartworm Test Today


Snakes Are Starting To Emerge

Australia is home to many venomous snakes, and with the weather warming up these cold-blooded reptiles are now becoming more active and a lot more visible as they start to emerge from their winter hibernation to bask in the sun and to search for food and a mate. To discourage snakes from hanging out in … Continue reading Snakes Are Starting To Emerge

Vetlove Donates To Currumbin Sanctuary Hospital

Our VetLove teams are proud members of our communities. That’s why we believe it’s important to support—and give back to—the community in which we live. Each of our VetLove clinics proudly came together and offered to raise funds for our beloved Australian wildlife during December 2019 & January 2020. We donated 100% of our nail … Continue reading Vetlove Donates To Currumbin Sanctuary Hospital


Goonellabah– Part Time Veterinary Surgeon ​Goonellabah is a beautiful eastern suburb of Lismore 30km away from sunny Ballina.  With a small shopping complex near-by for your lunch breaks and of course there’s a traditional Australian Tavern close by offering a great environment for down-time. Goonellabah has everything you need! VetLove Goonellabah are looking for a passionate, self-motivated … Continue reading ‘WE’RE HIRING’