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Goonellabah– Part Time Veterinary Surgeon ​Goonellabah is a beautiful eastern suburb of Lismore 30km away from sunny Ballina.  With a small shopping complex near-by for your lunch breaks and of course there’s a traditional Australian Tavern close by offering a great environment for down-time. Goonellabah has everything you need! VetLove Goonellabah are looking for a passionate, self-motivated … Continue reading ‘WE’RE HIRING’


Dogs and chocolate are a deadly combination, even a small amount of chocolate can be  very dangerous. Cats don’t tend to be attracted to chocolate, whereas dogs don’t even unwrap the chocolate before eating it! For dogs, chocolate contains two toxic substances — caffeine and a chemical called theobromine. The amount eaten and the size … Continue reading THE SPOOKIEST THINGS COME IN SMALL WRAPPERS!

Dental Health Month – Special Offer

It’s That Time Of Year Again! Good oral health is more than just a pretty smile, it can add years to your pet’s life! Dental disease has many signs and symptoms but the most common is bad breath.  Other clinical signs include: Plaque and tartar build up Reddened gums Excessive salivation Difficulty chewing Dental disease … Continue reading Dental Health Month – Special Offer

Special Offer – 20% off Desexing – June 1 to August 31 2019

                              Top 5 Reasons To Desex Your Pet! One of the most important health decisions you will make for your pet is to desex them. Unwanted litters! Unplanned litters that could have been prevented end up in shelters & pounds each … Continue reading Special Offer – 20% off Desexing – June 1 to August 31 2019


COMMUNITY ALERT What is Parvovirus? Canine Parvovirus (CPV) or the common name ‘Parvo’ is highly contagious and resistant virus that manifests itself in two different forms. An intestinal form which attacks the gastrointestinal system and a cardiac form which attacks the heart muscles. CPV is one of the most dangerous infections dogs are exposed to, … Continue reading PARVO VIRUS HAS BEEN CONFIRMED IN THE NORTHERN RIVERS AREA

’Tis the season to be careful!

We all love our pets to be part of Christmas celebrations, but we need to be extra careful during this time as there are so many unknown dangers. Christmas week is a busy time for tummy upsets at our VetLove clinics. Fatty, rich food like ham offcuts, ham bones, trimmed steak and sausages left over … Continue reading ’Tis the season to be careful!

Are you travelling with your pet this holiday season?

Here’s some travel tips to make your pet’s journey a little safer. If your pet hasn’t visited the vet lately, it might be a good time to have a check-up before they travel. If flying interstate, your pet must be medically fit to travel and be older than eight weeks and fully weaned from mum. … Continue reading Are you travelling with your pet this holiday season?

It’s the scratchy season

Ensuring you know what healthy skin looks like versus common canine skin irritations and diseases is important for your pet’s health and your sleep. Some skin problems can be sign of an underlying issue an infection or chronic irritation. What’s that noise in the night you say? Is it the sound of summer? No, its … Continue reading It’s the scratchy season

Who Is VetLove?

We thought this month was a great opportunity to share the story of our founder Dr Geoff Wilson: family man, veterinarian, philanthropist, extreme adventurer and world record holder! Dr Geoff is the third person, and first Australian, to ever complete the crossing of Antarctica, with a mission to promote breast cancer awareness and raise funds … Continue reading Who Is VetLove?