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Team Member Spotlight – Dr Chris Tschumy

VetLove Ashgrove welcomes veterinarian Dr Chris Tschumy
Chris has been with the VetLove family for six months now and is loving every minute of it. He moved from Toowoomba, where he did his Veterinary Science degree down in Gatton.

Why did you become a veterinarian?
I became a vet for to two reasons: I loved animals and wanted to help them, and I found medicine and surgery interesting. So, I put those two together and here I am! I also enjoy the variety of breeds and species and caring for them daily; from Great Danes to little kittens, the ones with feathers and squawks and I find rats and guinea pigs very interesting.

What do you enjoy most about being a vet?
There is a big long list I enjoy – and absolutely love – about being a veterinarian. Too long to mention here. Some of the reasons on the top of that list include meeting all the fur children and their parents and families that love them so much. I love the feeling of bringing a pet back to great health and returning them to their adoring family. Also, the day-to-day challenge, as each case presented is different. Finally, I love working among a supportive team, where we share laughs and tears alike, and join together in both the ups and downs. It sounds corny and fake, but VetLove really is a family to me.

Do you have any pets at home?
Yes, I have a rascal by the name of Cobber – a Major Mitchell Cockatoo, who loves kisses and head massages and will do anything for a treat. He looks forward to his baths in summer and, most of all, loves destroying every toy. He is still very young at 12 years old!

What’s your special interest in the veterinary field?
Being still new to VetLove, I haven’t had a great opportunity to discover my special interests. I would say I’m very much drawn to avian and wildlife medicine at this time.

Your most memorable veterinary moment?
My most memorable moment was when I was working with wildlife and was lucky enough to assist in the removal of the toe of an elderly wombat, which had a serious bone infection. The great news was, she had an excellent recovery and wobbled back to her home!

What are you most looking forward to in five years as a veterinarian?
Seeing all my patients grow up and grow old with their families and building up the avian medicine aspect at VetLove Ashgrove.

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