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Team Member Spotlight – Michelle Ahern

Michelle Ahern

Veterinary Nurse


About Michelle
I originally resided in Sydney and have been working as a qualified Veterinary Nurse since 2002. I started my nursing journey at Gladesville Veterinary Hospital, where I had the opportunity to work alongside some amazing vets including Dr Max Zuber, a specialist in small animal surgery, orthopaedics and oncology. My time at Gladesville gave me a wide range of knowledge and experience. Due to family, I moved to Queensland in 2007, in where my first child was born. When it was time to go back to work I became the Practice Manager at a Veterinary Clinic in Carrara for 9 years until my husband and I decided to build our first home further out from the coast. I now reside in Mundoolun and am over joyed to be apart of the Vetlove team. My household is a crazy house with two children, my hubby, our Mastiff Rory and Cockatiel Barry.

Why did you become a vet nurse?
From an early age I had a love for animals and their wellbeing, I always knew I wanted to be a veterinary nurse and have never looked back.

What do you enjoy most about being a vet nurse?
I have a genuine interest and love for animals. The best thing about my job is seeing an animal (someone’s beloved pet) go home happy and healthy due to the efforts of all the team and my contribution as a nurse. It is a very satisfying and rewarding career path, yet there are times where there are things that don’t go the way you wished they could, which can be very hard. It is difficult not to get deeply attached to the patients but at the end of the day you know within yourself you have done everything you possibly could have.

Do you have any pets at home? 
Yes, I have a Mastiff X named Rory and a Cockatiel named Barry.

What’s your special interest in the veterinary?
I have a great interest in assisting Orthopaedic surgery as well as an interest the medical side of things.

Team dog or team Cat? 
Dogs. I think they are such beautiful, loyal, loving creatures that just want to be loved. There is no better feeling than walking in your front door being welcomed by your beloved pet who is so excited to see you and give you cuddles and not one dog is the same, they all have such different personalities.

Most memorable moment
The birth of my children

Tell us something interesting about yourself? 
I enjoy keeping active and spending as much quality time with my children as I can. I love doing things with my little family.

What are you most looking forward to in 5 years as a vet nurse
I am quite happy where I am, I just want to be the best nurse I can possibly be and keep up to date with all the relevant changes that happen in the Veterinary world to broaden my knowledge.

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