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Meet PC – The Peacock

PC is a free-roaming peacock (male) – peafowl (female) – scientific name Afropavo/Pavo – who turned up at one of his daily residences for a visit, with a very sore foot.

After a slight challenge restraining him in the gentlest way, we finally managed to X-ray his foot, which showed a distinctive fracture to the Distal Tarsometatarsus. This is the only bone found in the lower leg of birds and some non-avian dinosaurs.

It is formed from the fusion of several bones found in other types of animals

Lots of pain relief was provided along with antibiotics to help prevent infection. A cute little splint was placed on the leg to secure it and aid recovery of the fracture.

PC was referred to a wildlife specialist for further ongoing care. A week later, he was back for his follow up visit and X-rays, which showed the fracture was healing well, except for one digit that sadly needed to be amputated. Once amputated, he was pain-free and back with the wildlife experts, recovering well with the splint and enjoying life as a handsome peacock in his new rehabilitation centre.

Definitely one of the prettiest patients we’ve had this month at VetLove Goonellabah!

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