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Category Archives: Pet Health Tips

Stress Less!

There is plenty our pets could get stressed about in the coming months. Tropical summer storms, new routines due to COVID-19, separation anxiety, and the arrival of a new pet or baby, can all provide inconsistent levels of anxiety if left unchecked. What causes dog anxiety? Separation Fear Ageing Change of routine What are the … Continue reading Stress Less!

Is it safe to let your pet lick you?

According to Floyd Dewhirst, a bacterial geneticist at the Forsyth Institute and Professor of Oral Medicine at Harvard University, it is ok if your immune system is strong and you do not have any wounds on your face or mouth that would let bacteria into your bloodstream. Dewhirst and his colleagues have identified around 400 … Continue reading Is it safe to let your pet lick you?

The facts about giving bones

Warning: Large bones can break teeth, so always supervise your dog when eating raw bones. Dogs and bones seem a natural pairing. Unfortunately, some bones present health and safety hazards for your dogs. Cats, on the other hand, are delicate creatures and take time to eat their food, so we rarely see cats with health … Continue reading The facts about giving bones

Storm season is here

Does your animal get super nervous during a storm? Storm phobia or anxiety is a very common problem, particularly in dogs. Phobias are an exaggerated irrational response to something that is often not dangerous. Storm phobias are often initially triggered by loud thunder. Affected animals become sensitised and start reacting to earlier signs that predict … Continue reading Storm season is here

Book your heartworm test today

At Vetlove, we recommend all dogs in their local area that have not been on any regular heartworm prevention be tested for heartworm. If your dog has not been on regular prevention, has missed a few months or you are unsure, it is best to have your dog tested before starting or recommencing any heartworm … Continue reading Book your heartworm test today

Pet care tips during hot weather

We know it’s summertime and all you want to do is have fun and play in the sun, but please spare a thought for your pet friends, as heat stress can be fatal. The best way to deal with heat stroke is to prevent it. Keeping your pets  cool and comfortable on a hot day … Continue reading Pet care tips during hot weather

Lumps and bumps on your pets should not be ignored

Lumps and bumps are a very common occurrence in pets both young and old, but especially in our ageing animals. It’s a serious matter, because one third of all tumours found in our pets are found on the skin. A simple, regular check of your pet’s body once a week may save his/her life. A tip is to … Continue reading Lumps and bumps on your pets should not be ignored