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Goonellabah– Part Time Veterinary Surgeon ​Goonellabah is a beautiful eastern suburb of Lismore 30km away from sunny Ballina.  With a small shopping complex near-by for your lunch breaks and of course there’s a traditional Australian Tavern close by offering a great environment for down-time. Goonellabah has everything you need! VetLove Goonellabah are looking for a passionate, self-motivated … Continue reading ‘WE’RE HIRING’


Dogs and chocolate are a deadly combination, even a small amount of chocolate can be  very dangerous. Cats don’t tend to be attracted to chocolate, whereas dogs don’t even unwrap the chocolate before eating it! For dogs, chocolate contains two toxic substances — caffeine and a chemical called theobromine. The amount eaten and the size … Continue reading THE SPOOKIEST THINGS COME IN SMALL WRAPPERS!

Congratulations Dr Ashlee

We Just wanted to congratulate Dr Ashlee for recently achieving and obtaining her membership in Small Animal Medicine from The Australian and New Zealand College of Veterinary Scientists. Dr Ashlee underwent 18 months of intense study and was required to sit two written exams and an oral exam in front of a panel of examiners. … Continue reading Congratulations Dr Ashlee

National Desexing Campaign

If you have not already done so, now is a good time to get your pet desexed. Or, if you know someone who has just adopted a new pet that will need desexing soon, they have until 31 August to receive some great discounts. VetLove is supporting the RSPCA’s Operation Wanted campaign and encouraging the … Continue reading National Desexing Campaign

Why winter grooming is important for your pet

With the chill of winter still in the air, you may be tempted to think that you’re doing your pet a favour by holding off on his or her grooming until spring. But grooming is just as important during the winter months as it is throughout the warm days of summer. During the winter months, … Continue reading Why winter grooming is important for your pet

A weeeeee little problem!

Meet Kellie, a mature kelpie x who had an embarrassing problem 😞 Kellie has had urinary incontinence for approximately 2 years which has meant embarrassing puddles wherever she sits. Her attentive and loving owner, Meg, has been keeping this under control with daily medications, lots of toilet walks and very well used mop and bucket. As … Continue reading A weeeeee little problem!

Are you travelling with your pet this holiday season?

Here’s some travel tips to make your pet’s journey a little safer. If your pet hasn’t visited the vet lately, it might be a good time to have a check-up before they travel. If flying interstate, your pet must be medically fit to travel and be older than eight weeks and fully weaned from mum. … Continue reading Are you travelling with your pet this holiday season?

Who Is VetLove?

We thought this month was a great opportunity to share the story of our founder Dr Geoff Wilson: family man, veterinarian, philanthropist, extreme adventurer and world record holder! Dr Geoff is the third person, and first Australian, to ever complete the crossing of Antarctica, with a mission to promote breast cancer awareness and raise funds … Continue reading Who Is VetLove?