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National Desexing Campaign

If you have not already done so, now is a good time to get your pet desexed. Or, if you know someone who has just adopted a new pet that will need desexing soon, they have until 31 August to receive some great discounts. VetLove is supporting the RSPCA’s Operation Wanted campaign and encouraging the … Continue reading National Desexing Campaign

Why winter grooming is important for your pet

With the chill of winter still in the air, you may be tempted to think that you’re doing your pet a favour by holding off on his or her grooming until spring. But grooming is just as important during the winter months as it is throughout the warm days of summer. During the winter months, … Continue reading Why winter grooming is important for your pet

A weeeeee little problem!

Meet Kellie, a mature kelpie x who had an embarrassing problem 😞 Kellie has had urinary incontinence for approximately 2 years which has meant embarrassing puddles wherever she sits. Her attentive and loving owner, Meg, has been keeping this under control with daily medications, lots of toilet walks and very well used mop and bucket. As … Continue reading A weeeeee little problem!

Are you travelling with your pet this holiday season?

Here’s some travel tips to make your pet’s journey a little safer. If your pet hasn’t visited the vet lately, it might be a good time to have a check-up before they travel. If flying interstate, your pet must be medically fit to travel and be older than eight weeks and fully weaned from mum. … Continue reading Are you travelling with your pet this holiday season?

Who Is VetLove?

We thought this month was a great opportunity to share the story of our founder Dr Geoff Wilson: family man, veterinarian, philanthropist, extreme adventurer and world record holder! Dr Geoff is the third person, and first Australian, to ever complete the crossing of Antarctica, with a mission to promote breast cancer awareness and raise funds … Continue reading Who Is VetLove?

Helping Our Fur Friends In The Cook Islands

The local veterinary community of Ballina came together recently to help support Te Are Manu in the Cook Islands. Our own veterinarian, Dr Angela, collected, packed and posted over 25kg of veterinary supplies donated from five of the local vet clinics in the region. Happy to help our four-legged friends in the Cook Islands, the … Continue reading Helping Our Fur Friends In The Cook Islands

Keeping Our Kids Pet Safe In 2018

Pets can be unpredictable and as much as we love them we must always respect that they are not humans and if they could speak, these are some of the tips they would say to the family… NEVER disturb me when I’m sleeping, eating, or caring for puppies NEVER pat another dog, even me, without … Continue reading Keeping Our Kids Pet Safe In 2018

Nobby Beach Open Day

Our team at VetLove Nobby Beach are so excited to open our newly refurbished clinic doors to the pet loving families of the Gold Coast. We will be celebrating our opening ALL DAY and EVERYONE is welcome, giving you our guests, a personal glimpse into the Gold Coasts newest boutique veterinary clinic.   Our Open Day includes: … Continue reading Nobby Beach Open Day