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Is Your Pets Weight A Growing Concern?

We all know that Christmas is a time for indulging and we are all guilty of spoiling our pets with our leftover’s and an excess of treats throughout the festive season. If you think your pet may have a weight problem, (this includes being underweight) then why not start off the New Year with some help from your local VetLove team, a weight management program tailored to your pet, will help them maintain their optimal body weight and contribute to a longer and happier life. What a great goal for 2021!

Extra weight is a significant danger to their health, increasing the risk of serious diseases like diabetes mellitus, hypertension, heart disease and painful osteoarthritis.

To keep your furry friend at a healthy weight, be mindful of portion control – it’s very easy to overfeed your dog or cat simply by pouring a little too much into her dish. Book online for a Nurse Nutrition Consult.

Nutrition starts early, feed the love and exercise regularly to keep you and your pet healthier for longer!

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