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Meet Midnight: Not all kittens are superheroes

Midnight is a gorgeous little 12-week-old kitten, who used up one of his nine lives when he jumped/fell from a high kitchen cupboard. Midnight was presented at the clinic for an examination with Dr Julie and was admitted to hospital for pain relief and X-rays. The X-rays confirmed a fracture (pictured) high on the femoral … Continue reading Meet Midnight: Not all kittens are superheroes

Patient of the Month: Lovely Little Lilo!

We first met Lilo at nine weeks for her initial vaccine and health check. Even though she was bouncy and full of gusto, she had a bit of a pot belly but was otherwise healthy. Unfortunately, Lilo had no real history of worming before her new mummy and daddy got her. Lilo was given worm … Continue reading Patient of the Month: Lovely Little Lilo!

Great outcome for Darcy

Meet Darcy. Darcy is an 11-year-old Dachshund who was diagnosed with diabetes in 2018. Diabetes is a disorder where either the body doesn’t produce enough insulin, or the body does not respond to insulin produced. This results in high blood glucose levels (or high blood sugar), which impacts other systems in the body. Once diagnosed, … Continue reading Great outcome for Darcy

A practical guide to visiting VetLove

If your pet needs veterinary care (including vaccinations and routine checks) AND: You have not been overseas within the past 14 days You have not been in contact with a confirmed COVID-19 case You are NOT experiencing symptoms of fever and respiratory disease AND you don’t need or wish to self-isolate Then it is business as … Continue reading A practical guide to visiting VetLove

Not all superheroes can fly

Meet Bella, an adorable 12-year-old Staffordshire bull terrier, who got a sudden fright and decided to jump off her owner’s two-storey balcony. Unfortunately, it was not a soft landing and she fell straight onto concrete, where the impact caused a broken canine tooth, bruised liver and torn ligaments in her wrists (carpal hyperextension). Bella had … Continue reading Not all superheroes can fly