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Meet Greta and Gustav

Greta and Gustav

Cute couple Greta and Gustav, a pair of Pekin ducks, visited Dr Chris at our Ashgrove clinic recently. Their human parents had noticed some terrible lesions on the bottom of their feet, so they came into the clinic to see Dr Chris straight away. Dr Chris examined them both, although Greta got very worried about him examining her partner Gustav! Once examined, the pair were diagnosed with pododermatitis, more commonly known as bumblefoot.

Due to the severity of the bumblefoot, it was decided that Greta and Gustav needed surgery for the best chance of recovery.

A swab was taken from within the bumblefoot lesions so the best antibiotic therapy could be started.

On the day of surgery, Greta went first to reduce her stress as she would get protective and worried when separated from Gustav. Under a general anaesthetic, Dr Chris took x-rays of the feet to assess the extent of the lesions. He then removed the lesions and all the dead and infected tissue making up the nasty wound.

Finally, the feet were bandaged with a big doughnut pad to distribute the weight more evenly around the wounds. With plenty of pain relief, both Greta and Gustav were quickly reunited after surgery, with many happy quacks (mostly from Greta). As soon as they had recovered from the anaesthetic, the pair had some food treats and then settled in together side by side, once again inseparable, waiting for Mum and Dad to take them home.

All birds are welcome at VetLove from chickens to parrots and budgies. Dr Chris is available at VetLove Bardon or Ashgrove for appointments or house calls.

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