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A practical guide to visiting VetLove

practival guide to visitng

If your pet needs veterinary care (including vaccinations and routine checks) AND:

  • You have not been overseas within the past 14 days
  • You have not been in contact with a confirmed COVID-19 case
  • You are NOT experiencing symptoms of fever and respiratory disease
  • AND you don’t need or wish to self-isolate

Then it is business as usual!

Watch our video for a practical guide to visiting VetLove:

And here’s an update from Dr Geoff:

We do kindly require:

  • You phone us for advice and appointment bookings or book online 24/7.
  • Only one person brings the pet to the clinic if possible.
  • Please give us a call on arrival and wait in your car so we can determine the best way to welcome your pet into the clinic. Most will be handed over to the nurse outside (with minimum contact).
  • If you do not have a mobile phone, please knock on the front door until the nurse arrives.

Social distancing recommendations are in place and waiting times will be kept to a minimum (preferably outside or in car).

  • We can provide a full examination of the pet while we chat to you on your mobile during this time or, if you prefer to provide a drop off and pick up service, we can help with this also.
  • We are also intending to launch a ‘Tele or Digi medicine’ service to help screen pets that need to come in urgently from those that don’t. Ideally sending MMS or email photos or videos along with a phone chat is a great way for us to reduce risk of exposure.

Thank you for your understanding and patience during this time.

Finally, please ensure we have either your email address or mobile number (ideally both) to ensure we have an easy means of keeping you updated.


Drop off and pick up

If you pet is unwell or needs a visit and you want to limit your trips out of the house, why not drop off your pet while you visit other essential services (doctors, supermarket) and collect them on the way back home? We will contact you on the phone to discuss your pet’s history and keep them safe in the clinic until you return.


Home visits

In some circumstances, we can visit you and your pet at home following COVID-19 government guidelines. Please contact us at the clinic for more information about these visits.

We will carry on doing the best we can during this time, as we know how important companion pets are to our families and their wellbeing.


Repeat prescriptions

Please contact the clinic regrading repeat prescriptions.

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