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A Saliva Gland Causes Lump On Layla’s Neck

Layla is a gorgeous 7-year-old Newfoundland who was bought into our Ashgrove clinic by her owner to see Dr Caitlin Bromley.

Layla’s owner had noticed an unusual lump underneath her neck about half the size of tennis ball. Dr.Caitlin collected a fluid sample from the lump using a fine needle and found there was some thick mucous present, which caused some concern.

Dr. Caitlin advised Laylas owner that the lump was a mucocele. This is a collection of saliva thought to be from a ruptured saliva duct. These can occur under the neck, tongue or throat and is common in many breeds especially German Shepherds and Poodles. In this case it was unfortunate for Layla and it was necessary to surgically drain and remove the offending saliva gland as soon as possible.

Like us humans, Layla had a routine pre-anaesthetic blood screening to test for any underlying liver or kidney problems or any other health problems that could affect her risk of having a general anaesthetic. Layla’s bloods came back with the all clear and proceeded to have surgery. The procedure to remove the saliva gland is very delicate due to the size and location of numerous blood vessels and nerves in the throat area. It was necessary to first identify which saliva gland was ruptured and then it was carefully removed.

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