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A weeeeee little problem!

Dog eating banned food. Unhealthy meal for animals

Meet Kellie, a mature kelpie x who had an embarrassing problem

Kellie has had urinary incontinence for approximately 2 years which has meant embarrassing puddles wherever she sits. Her attentive and loving owner, Meg, has been keeping this under control with daily medications, lots of toilet walks and very well used mop and bucket. As she had been on the medication for quiet sometime. The medications had started to become less effective, so her owner Meg made the decision to take a surgical approach and have our visiting surgeon and director ‘Dr Geoff’ perform a Colposuspension on Kellie’s bladder to provide more better control of her urinary muscles.

Within 2 days of having the surgery Kellie did her first full sized wee in years! Both Meg and Kellie were surprised at how much urine she is now able to hold in her bladder.

Kellie is happier, more comfortable, has more energy and a better quality of life, and Meg is amazed at her reduced housework load and a sweeter smelling home.

‘Thank you for visiting us’ Dr Geoff, the surgery was a success!

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