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Meet Midnight: Not all kittens are superheroes

goonellabah xray midnight

Midnight is a gorgeous little 12-week-old kitten, who used up one of his nine lives when he jumped/fell from a high kitchen cupboard.

Midnight was presented at the clinic for an examination with Dr Julie and was admitted to hospital for pain relief and X-rays. The X-rays confirmed a fracture (pictured) high on the femoral shaft (top of the leg near the shoulder blade). Our resident orthopaedic surgeon and owner of VetLove, Dr Geoff Wilson, was called in for some expert advice. Due to the type of fracture, the position of the break  and the age of the kitten (growing bones), Dr Geoff decided to treat this little one ‘conservatively’ with cage rest and anti-inflammatories to avoid a potentially expensive and complicated surgery.

Midnight returned to the clinic a week later with fantastic results – X-rays confirmed the fracture was healing nicely.

Our team extended Midnight’s cage rest and pain relief course for a further two weeks. Despite being a traumatic time for little midnight, and only being 12 weeks old, he is soaking up the love and affection and cannot wait to be causing some mischief soon!

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