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Meet Pho (pronounced Poh)

A gorgeous two-year-old Jack Russell X Terrier. Naughty Pho escaped out of his yard one day and went missing for just over 24 hours. Upon returning home, his owner found he had a deep wound laceration on the left of his abdomen and another on his hind leg.  We were not sure how the wound was inflicted, but Pho was admitted to the clinic for immediate surgery.

During surgery, the chest wound was cleaned and debrided, and when we explored a little more, it revealed the wound was a lot more serious than we thought. It revealed the wound had punctured much deeper into his chest cavity. Intense, but careful surgery was needed to prevent any infection, lots of stitches and a good dose of antibiotics for Pho to take home.

Despite the odds given by our vets, Pho defied them all and recovered well from his surgery. He spent a night at the Animal Emergency Service at Underwood and returned to us the next day for continued care. Pho returned to the clinic for a final post-operative examination a week later and is doing marvellously well, with one extremely happy dad, thrilled to have him home in one piece (almost).

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