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National Desexing Campaign

operation wanted

If you have not already done so, now is a good time to get your pet desexed. Or, if you know someone who has just adopted a new pet that will need desexing soon, they have until 31 August to receive some great discounts.

VetLove is supporting the RSPCA’s Operation Wanted campaign and encouraging the desexing of pets, particularly cats, before the long breeding season in the warmer months.

At VetLove we are often the first contact point for unwanted cat and dog pregnancies, so we know the heartache involved with unwanted litters. We have therefore joined veterinarians around Australia to provide discounts to animal owners to encourage them to get their pets desexed

Last year, more than 2000 kittens and nearly 700 puppies were born, surrendered or simply dumped at one of five AWLQ rehoming centres in South East Queensland alone. Many more don’t make it to the shelters, rescue groups or pounds, and are abandoned to live and breed on the streets, around shopping centres, and in industrial complexes. This situation is typical across Australia every year.

Desexing also provides many direct benefits to owners and companion animals. Cats and dogs are less likely to spray in and around the house or be injured while out looking for a mate. They are often more relaxed and affectionate and generally live longer, happier lives

National Desexing Month was initiated by Animal Welfare League Queensland. Now in its 15th year, VetLove is proud to participate to help make a difference. So, if your pet is desexed already that’s great news, but don’t forget to tell your friends or share on Facebook.

Please note that our desexing procedure includes intravenous fluids, pre and post-operative pain relief and suture removal. Additional fees can incur for pre-anesthetic bloods, pregnancy, in-season, cryptorchid testicles, retained teeth, hernia and dew claw removal. For more information, please contact your local VetLove clinic.

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