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Patient of the Month: Lovely Little Lilo!

ballina lilo

We first met Lilo at nine weeks for her initial vaccine and health check.

Even though she was bouncy and full of gusto, she had a bit of a pot belly but was otherwise healthy. Unfortunately, Lilo had no real history of worming before her new mummy and daddy got her.

Lilo was given worm tablets and the advice she may pass worms and have an upset tummy.

A few day later, Lilo returned after having some diarrhoea and vomiting and was off her food.

She had also had a bit of a chew of a plastic lid!

She was found to be hydrated, her temperature, heart rate and breathing were all ok, but she was sore to touch around her stomach. Abdominal palpation would also produce a small vomit at times. Her blood work was all clear and was given an anti-nausea injection.

Overnight, she was happy in herself but was flat again by lunch.

We were concerned about a foreign body blockage with plastic, which would require surgery to remove, or post worming gastroenteritis. When dogs with a heavy worm burden are wormed, the worms can do a lot of damage to the lining of the gastro intestinal tract as they detach and die.

Lilo was admitted to hospital for IV fluid therapy, pain management and observation. She was touch and go for 48 hours as her body tried to cope with the damage to her intestines. Her severe diarrhoea made her lethargic and anaemic.

Ultimately, we diagnosed Lilo with post worming gastroenteritis.
After a couple of days of TLC, hand feeding, and a lot of emptying of her bowels, Lilo was fit to go home!

She is now a bubbly, eager puppy who runs into the clinic to see us.

We advise regular worming for all puppies, kittens and adults.

If you have any questions about worming or other preventions, please give us a call to discuss.

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