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What Causes Smelly Breath In Our Cats And Dogs?

The reality is, our pets just don’t brush their teeth like we do or they stole stole the cats fish flavoured food and there is no excuse for “doggie breath.” This awful and sometimes offensive odour can occur for multiple reasons.

Bad breath in our pets can be a warning sign of oral and dental diseases, respiratory infections, tumours of the oral area, digestion problems, as well as general diseases.

Causes of bad breath in cats & dogs includes:

  • Oral and dental diseases. This may include gum disease, periodontal disease, a tooth abscess, ulcerations or infections, sometimes even a stick, bone or excessive hair caught in their mouth.
  • Oral tumours. These can be smelly as they grow or shrink.
  • Respiratory problems. Various diseases of the nose, sinus, trachea, and lungs can cause bad breath.
  • Diseases such as kidney failure or diabetes mellitus can cause bad breath
  • Dietary habits, some pets eat just about anything that may include other animal’s faeces, garbage, compost, mulch, and dead animal carcass. Ingesting these foul things can definitely give dogs bad breath
  • Digestive or tummy issues. Any problem that causes vomiting, stomach ulcers, gastro’ problems, or tumours involving the stomach or intestine can cause smelly breath.

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