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Grape toxicity

grape toxicity

Its grape season now and what many pet owners don’t realise is grapes, sultanas and raisins can be toxic to our pets, as well as chocolate, artificial sweeteners (found is specific foods), onions and garlic. If your pet has ingested these items its best to contact your vet immediately.

Lack of awareness, plus the fact that grapes are healthy for us humans, mean that some pet owners unknowingly provide this “healthy treat” to their pets. They are also found in cakes, breakfast cereals and some breads and cookies etc., which is easy to forget when those hungry sad eyes are looking up at you for a little piece of your raisin cookie.

Toddlers love grapes and tend to drop them on the floor and leftovers in lunch boxes make dogs sniff out any unwanted treats.

Grapes have been attributed to causing kidney failure and even death in dogs.

Signs that your dog may have been poisoned include vomiting, lethargy and diarrhoea. They also may have reduced appetite and urination.

If your dog is displaying these symptoms, it is best to give your vet a call, whether your pet has or hasn’t eaten grapes or raisins. These symptoms may be a sign of grape toxicity or many other types of toxicities and illnesses. You will probably be advised to bring your dog to the clinic immediately if your pet has ingested even a small amount or if your dog is showing symptoms of poisoning.

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